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'Gathering the Graves' by Bob Phillips


As part of our 'Voice of the Village' series, local filmmaker Bob Phillips presents his debut film 'Gathering the Graves'. The story is based on the work of the Imperial (now Commonwealth) War Graves Commission and follows the lives of several…

A concert at St Jerome's - Precocious Revolutionaries - Mozart and Prokofiev by the Herschel Quartet


In a brief introduction to the concert, village icon, Pam Hunt, talks about Heritage Llangwm, the Flemish past of the village, how to fund the restoration of a historic church and the creation of one of Llangwm's seven wonders, 'The…

'Come Forage with Me!' An interactive Foray into the World of Wild Food by Julia Horton-Powdrill


Collecting ‘food for free’ is the sexy way to go now but it wasn’t too long ago that people who collected wild foods were considered to be hippyish crackpots. However, there’s so much interest in foraging, survival, and fresh and…

'How to get Published' by Brian John


Workshop on self-publishing Brian, who has been self-publishing for about 45 years, will explore with workshop participants a wide range of relevant topics. What is the difference between self-publishing and vanity publishing? Do you need and agent and/or a mainstream…

Medieval Underpants - the joys and perils of writing historical fiction by Mari Griffith


Medieval Underpants - the joys and perils of writing historical fiction.

Voice of the Village finale!


Living in Llangwm sometimes feels like being part of one big creative family. At this session, some of Llangwm's writers gather to talk about the best of their work on Celtic Myth and Legend, Fantasy and True Grit. They also share…