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Morning Prayer


The congregation of St Jerome's invites all to join them for morning prayer followed by tea and biscuits.

Stretch and dance with Ellie Brick


Start the week with this wonderful dancercise class. It is a 2 hour slot to allow for a good warm up, some different techniques (ballet, contemporary, lyrical/modern dance) and a short routine and then a nice cool down and stretch…

Write by the River


Based on the River Cleddau and its surroundings, this most practical workshop will inspire you to write short poems and prose pieces. If you’d like to write about history, family connections, love of nature or as an imaginary Viking, Flemish…

The Talking Tapestry of Llangwm

Llangwm's very own little miracle


Pam Hunt talks about the creation of Llangwm's Talking Tapestry. This is a story of many threads, including the Flemish Settlement, the village DNA project, and the funding that Pam and her team secured to be able to bring St…

Merlin and Celtic Mythology with Count Nikolai Tolstoy


Did Merlin really exist or is he a figure of legend? Where does myth end and history begin? Count Nikolai Tolstoy turns detective and reveals the findings of years of research into the annals of Celtic mythology.

Nest - The Story of a Welsh Princess

Annetta Marion, Director, talks to family of Author Bryan Alderson about Nest, The Story of a Welsh Princess Description


Who was the real Princess Nest? New York Film Director, Annetta Marion talks about her personal quest to answer that question and how her journey brought her to Port Lion.

'Come Forage with Me!' An interactive foray into the world of Pembrokeshire's Wild Food


Collecting 'food for free' is the sexy way to go now but it wasn't too long ago that people who collected wild foods were considered to be hippyish crackpots. However, there's so much interest in foraging, survival, and fresh and…

Cast a Long Shadow

Welsh Women and Crime Writing


What is it about crime that fascinates us? And what is it about Welsh Women and Crime Cymru that has become a whole new genre in Wales today? Festival favourite Pippa Davies unveils three dark tales from 'Cast a…

Dreams and Desires


Tales of strange loves and longings from lively storyteller Deborah Winter. Whether her words paint pictures of the arctic seaboard or a medieval feasting hall, the audience is drawn into that world. Passion and playfulness are Deb's hallmarks as an…

Closing BBQ


Join us at The Cottage Inn for the Closing BBQ.