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'Gathering the Graves' by Bob Phillips


As part of our 'Voice of the Village' series, local filmmaker Bob Phillips presents his debut film 'Gathering the Graves'. The story is based on the work of the Imperial (now Commonwealth) War Graves Commission and follows the lives of several…

The Merchant of Syria - A History of Survival - Diana Darke


Diana Darke will give an illustrated talk on The Merchant of Syria, her newest book, the result of four years’ research into the socio-economic history of Syria through the life of one man, a textile merchant from Homs (1921-2013). The…

The road to St David's


Joanna Penberthy, the first woman bishop in the Church in Wales, and the Bishop of St David's discusses key steps from the road that brought her to St David's.

Bob Marshall Andrews talks Trump and much more...


Bob Marshall-Andrews has written a compelling satire on the ascent of Donald Trump. A devastatingly witty, accclaimed analysis - not only of the Trump story, but also of the complacency that won him the presidency.

Shonaleigh on the Drut'syla Storytelling Tradition


Shonaleigh talks about the Drut'syla storytelling tradition “You hear people talking about the storytelling revival, but in Jewish culture it never died. From the age of four I lived and breathed the tales of my childhood, unaware that there was anything…