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Pam Hunt: How to grab an audience


Grabbing an Audience starts with a single page of A4. For a producer or director of television programmes, it will be the most important piece of A4 they have ever written. If they wrote it well, then the second most important piece of writing will be the Treatment, from which the broadcaster, the film funding body, the Production manager, designer, graphics artist, camera, sound and editing crew will know exactly what is going on, how long it'll take to shoot and edit and how much it will cost.

Author and Filmmaker Pam Hunt talks to Penny Reed and explains why a well written film proposal and treatment is so important. But even then, events can cause things go horribly wrong. So the cutting room to the rescue. There things can always be put right... well almost!


Llangwm Village Hall


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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