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'How to get Published' by Brian John


Workshop on self-publishing

Brian, who has been self-publishing for about 45 years, will explore with workshop participants a wide range of relevant topics. What is the difference between self-publishing and vanity publishing? Do you need and agent and/or a mainstream publisher? Do you want to make money? The joys and pitfalls of self-publishing for Kindle and other digital platforms.

"Traditional" paperback and hardback publishing using new short-run technology. Assessing your market. Computer software programmes for self-publishing. Book design. Controlling costs. Warehousing and marketing. And lots more.......... We will share experiences and undertake some exercises designed to guide writers and potential self-publishers in what to go for, and what should be avoided at all costs!


Llangwm Village Hall


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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£3 (free to patrons)

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