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The Versability Shop


We're a collective of wordsmiths with experience in theatre and advertising as well as winning the odd poetry slam. Invited to take part at the inaugural Big Retreat Wales we created The Versability Shop; a pop up experience where visitors left us cards and we created versified stories as gifts. People liked it so much they asked us when the next one was. So we thought, "what if...?"

The way it works is we invite you to give us a few words about yourself - favourite things, funny moments, secret superpowers etc; with your words and our magic, we then write a personalised poem, which we'll perform back to you later the same day. Of course, you get to take your poem home too.

Since our inaugural appearance at the Big Retreat Wales in 2017, we've written well over 120 poems and earned hundreds of smiles for happy festival goers of all ages...

When we're not having fun at festivals, resident poets of The Versability Shop are busy writing personalised poems for people who want to send a card for a special occasion. Our mission is to put a smile on the face of everyone who sends or receives a greeting card.

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The Valero Marquee


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Free - just turn up