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TEL. 07970 812050


A Ukrainian Feast at The Cottage Inn, Llangwm


In support of Ukraine, Llangwm's iconic Cottage Inn will deliver a Ukrainian feast.

Tickets available through The Cottage Inn - 01437 891494

'Go along, go along quickly, and set all you have on the table for us. We don't want doughnuts, honey buns, poppy cakes, and other dainties; bring us a whole sheep, serve a goat and forty-year old mead! And plenty of vodka, not vodka with all sorts of fancies, not with raisins and flavourings, but pure foaming vodka, that hisses and bubbles like mad'.

Nikolai Gogol


The Cottage Inn, Llangwm


7:30 pm

Ticket Price

TBC - reservations available through the The Cottage Inn