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Dervla Murphy: Between River and Sea: Encounters in Israel and Palestine

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Dervla will be in conversation with Diana Darke about 'In Between River and Sea'. In her book Dervla Murphy describes with passionate honesty the experience of her most recent journeys into Israel and Palestine. In cramped Haifa high-rises, in homes in the settlements and in a refugee camp on the West Bank, she talks with whomever she meets, trying to understand them and their attitudes with her customary curiosity, her acute ear and mind, her empathy, her openness to the experience and her moral seriousness. Behind the book lies a desire to communicate the reality of life on the ground, and to puzzle out for herself what might be done to alleviate the suffering of all who wish to share this land and to make peace in the region a possibility. Meeting the wise, the foolish and the frankly deluded, she knits together a patchwork picture that constitutes both sides of the divide - Hamas and Fatah, rural and urban, refugee, Bedouin nomad, indigenous inhabitant, Black Hebrew, Kabbalist, secular and Orthodox. She finds compassion and empathy in both communities, but is also appalled by cases where it is absent on both sides. Clinging to hope, she comes to believe that despite its difficulties the only viable future lies in a single democratic state of Israel/Palestine, based on one person, one vote - the One-State Solution.

"A great inspiration ... travel is the medium that has revealed her generosity of spirit." Paul Theroux, Irish Examiner

"[A Month By The Sea: Encounters in Gaza] is a kind of wake-up call to the world ... The quality of Murphy's sympathy and the sharpness of her mind offer a sort of blueprint for a new way of thinking and feeling about the plight of those who live now in the Gaza Strip." Colm Tóibín, Irish Times


Cleddau Reach School, Deerland Road, Llangwm


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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