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'Come Forage with me!' An interactive foray into the world of Pembrokeshire's wild food


Collecting 'food for free' is the sexy way to go now but it wasn't too long ago that people who collected wild foods were considered to be hippyish crackpots. However, there's so much interest in foraging, survival, and fresh and local ingredients that those of us who get out there and actually 'do' it are beginning to appear normal!

In the words of that other great fan of wild food, Fergus the Forager: Eating wild food plants on a regular basis can improve your mental and physical health; diversify and enliven your daily menu; give you a really grounded sense of place; facilitate a deepening sensitivity to the environment; save lots of money; help you make new friends and, of course, facilitate spiritual enlightenment! Wild food defines who we are.

Pioneer of modern-day foraging and founder of the Really Wild Festival and StDavidsSeaWeedWeek, Julia Horton-Mansfield invites you to explore nature's bounty through the fields, along the hedgerows and down to the Cleddau Estuary.


Meet outside the Small Marquee


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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