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The Hillforts of Iron Age Wales


This book provides a detailed introduction to the great hillforts, early villages and people of Iron Age Wales, showcasing the results of the latest research and discoveries alongside the pioneering investigations of early archaeologists. It examines hillforts and prehistoric life in Wales, focussing on some of the remarkable finds which tell the story of how early Wales developed and how the Romans conquered western Britain.

Beyond the more famous sites, Welsh hillforts - with their towering ramparts of earth and stone - are little known and can be difficult for visitors to understand on the ground today. Featuring ground and aerial photographs, vivid reconstructions, maps and plans, this book clearly explains how hillforts were engineered and built, how they were carefully sited in the landscape to oversee resources and territory and why prehistoric communities chose to live inside fortified villages.

Exploring coastal trade across western Wales in prehistory, along with the weaponry, industry and ways of life of the Iron Age people, the book also looks at the shadowy worlds of religion and ritual which culminated in deposits of prestige metalwork in the votive lakes and bogs of Wales.

Along with a gazetteer of Iron Age sites to visit, the book includes detailed tours and access information for ten hillforts of particular interest.

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