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Children's Event: Ship-Rat Sea Shanty Family Session


Ship-rat sea shanty singing event. This family event explores Tilbury's adventures from Gill Lewis' latest book 'Moonflight'. Getting to know Tilbury the rat will forever change your view of rats. Come and celebrate the adventures of brave little Tilbury with the singing of sea shanties and a bit of drawing.

'Wonderful . . . Lewis shows how heroes can be born and the ordinary can become extraordinary. Squeaks of approval ― The Times' Children's Book of the Week

Lavishly illustrated . . . Moonflight harks back to animal classics such as Watership Down ― The Bookseller

An epic adventure, enchanting and enthralling ― Sophie Anderson

A modern classic for children to adore ― Nicola Penfold

A page-turning adventure . . . A tale that is as beautiful, delightful and wildly imaginative as Tilbury Twitch-Whiskers' waistcoats! ― Sita Brahmachari

An amazing adventure story . . . Great characters, and real heart. So vividly, imaginatively, beautifully written ― Julia Green

A great ratty adventure . . . Cat-riding rat bandits and thrilling jail breaks! Ace stuff ― AF Harrold


The Small Marquee


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

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£3 (free to patrons and their children)

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