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Rowan Oakwing - Fairies do exist...


Being a fairy is a lot more dangerous than you think . . .

There's a strange magic to London's parks. When the sun sets and the gates are closed, tiny winged creatures come to life. The only way to meet them is to become one. And if you become one, there's no way back.

Rowan cries herself to sleep in Hyde Park and wakes up ten centimetres tall, with tiny oak-leaf wings. She's about to go on an adventure in the hidden world of fairies and foxes. But Rowan's quest will be perilous, with fearsome enemies at her heels. If she wants to get home, she'll need to find the courage she never knew she had, and discover powers she'd never even imagined...

An event with E.J. Clarke is most suitable for Years 3-6 (ages 7-11). Children to be accompanied by an adult.

During the event, E.J.Clarke will talk about how he got into writing, despite having little confidence in this at school. He'll then take the children on a journey across London (metaphorically speaking!) sharing photos of the real locations visited in the book, and talking about the different fairy tribes that live in the Royal Parks. He'll read an extract from Rowan Oakwing, before brainstorming a brand new story with the children to inspire confidence in them to tell their own...


Llangwm Rugby Club


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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£2 (free to patrons)

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