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100 years after the Russian Revolution: achievements, betrayals, tragedy, victory, winners, losers. The legacy ...


'Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery insider an enigma' Winston Churchill

'A People's Tragedy' Orlando Figes

100 years after the October Revolution, we take the opportunity to gather experts on Russian history, culture and architecture to reconsider the Russian Revolution.

So what was it? A Tragedy? A Betrayal? An Achievement of Progress against the Old Order of Hereditary Privilege and Corruption?

Esteemed Russian experts, Lyuba Vinogradova and Bobo Lo join us for this discussion, together with three times winner BAFTA Cymru director/producer Colin Thomas. Colin will shine the light on the 19th century Welsh settlement in the steppes of the Russian Empire in a town that was to become Hughesovka, named after its founder, a certain John Hughes of Merthyr Tydfil. Hughesovka became Stalino and is now Donetsk in war-torn Eastern Ukraine.


Llangwm Village Hall


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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