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How to Read Water and the Art of Natural Navigation


How to find your way with puddles
How to decipher patterns on a beach
How to spot dangerous water in the pitch black with the help of a clock face
How to read the sea using ancient Viking methods
How to interpret ponds like a Polynesian
The ultimate guide to what water and its relationship with land, sun, moon, stars, clouds, trees, plants, animals and sky can reveal - when you know what to look for.
A must-have book for walkers, sailors and everyone interested in the natural world, HOW TO READ WATER unlocks the secrets of water, from a glass on your table, to the oceans that span the world. From wild swimming in Sussex, to canoeing in Borneo, Tristan draws on his own adventurous experience to reveal the secrets of ponds, puddles, oceans and more and gives you the skills to read the water around you.

The Llangwm Literary Festival is delighted to be hosting this session in conjunction with the Royal Geographical Society West of England and South Wales regional committee.


Llangwm Village Hall


12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

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£5 (free to patrons)

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