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Dr Jade McGlynn


Jade McGlynn is a specialist in Russian media, memory and foreign policy in the Department of War Studies, King's College London. She is the author of Russia's War in which she takes us on a journey into this parallel military and political universe to reveal the sometimes monstrous, sometimes misconstrued attitudes behind Russian majority backing for the invasion. Drawing on media analysis and interviews with ordinary citizens, officials and foreign-policy elites in Russia and Ukraine, McGlynn explores the grievances, lies and half-truths that pervade the Russian worldview. She also exposes the complicity of many Russians, who have invested too deeply in the Kremlin's alternative narratives to regard the war as Putin's foolhardy mission. In their eyes, this is Russia's war - against Ukraine, against the West, against evil - and there can be no turning back.

Jade has also written Memory Makers: The Politics of the Past in Putin's Russia and frequently writes and comments for the media, including CNN, BBC, The Times, The Spectator, The Telegraph, MSNBC, The Diplomat, and Foreign Policy.