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Leif Bersweden


Leif' s lifelong interest in nature began with a focus on wild plants from the age of seven.
Growing up in rural Wiltshire, he taught himself to identify the local flora. Botanising - the art of
simply wandering along and noticing the plants growing around you - was simply a relaxing
activity full of intrigue and discovery. But the interest took hold, and Leif went on to study plant
science in greater depth, most recently completing a genetics PhD at Kew Gardens.

Now, Leif brings his knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for wildflowers to the page. Over the
course of 2021 he has journeyed around Britain and Ireland, botanising through the seasons,
from Cornish coastal roads to Caledonian pine forests, even handling carnivorous plants on the
Norfolk Broads. Where the Wildflowers Grow: My Botanical Journey Through Britain and Ireland
follows Leif geographically and chronologically through the year, to tell the story of our wild
plants and the place they occupy in our lives today.