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Bob Marshall Andrews


Bob Marshall-Andrews is a writer and criminal silk based in London. From 1997 to 2010, he was the Labour MP for Medway. As a result of his relationship with New Labour, he was described by one magazine as 'the thorn in Tony Blair's Red Rose.'

His political memoir Off Message was published by Profile in 2011 and he has also written three novels The Palace of Wisdom (Hamish Hamilton and Penguin) and Camille and the lost diaries of Samuel Pepys (Whitefox), both historical and A Man without Guilt (Methuen), a thriller. His latest novel is Dump, a thrilling and unique satire on the rise of Donald Trump, and the complacency that put him in the White House. Darkly funny, extremely topical, furiously compelling, and with a cast of strangely familiar characters, it is a sideways look at our turbulent political times.

Bob lives in London and in Pembrokeshire and is frequently in East Africa in his role as Chair of the George Adamson Wildlife Trust.