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Meredith Hooper


Meredith Hooper is an award-winning writer, with over seventy titles for both adult and children's markets. To her books and articles, Meredith has added broadcasting, lecturing, two BBC Radio 4 dramas, and most recently curating exhibitions: at the Natural History Museum on Captain Scott, and The Enduring Eye at the Royal Geographical Society on Ernest Shackleton's Australian photographer Frank Hurley, currently touring in the U K, and California. She is a Trustee on the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, and a long-time member of the Board of the Commonwealth Journal of International Affairs. She is creative consultant to her Oscar-winning film director son, Tom Hooper.

Meredith first travelled to the Antarctic as a writer with the Australian Antarctic Division. She has been back with the US National Science Foundation, researching for two separate summers on a US Science base; travelled south on the UK Navy's ice patrol vessel HMS Endurance; and researched in the Ross Sea region on a Russian icebreaker. Prize winning books resulting from her commitment to Antarctica have ranged from children's fiction and non-fiction, to adult market history, science, and climate change.

Meredith was awarded the Antarctica Service Medal by the US Congress; and in 2014 was selected Australian of the Year in the UK.