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Alison Fowler


Alison Kaye Fowler is a Welsh Contemporary Artist raised in Pembrokeshire.
Having graduated with Honours from a Fine Art-Painting Degree at The University of Wales, Cardiff in 2005, Alison returned to Pembrokeshire in 2006 and now concentrates on the beautiful and ever-changing coastlines of West Wales, creating highly textured and evocative seascapes; fascinated by the unique light qualities Pembrokeshire has to offer.
Alison has always been passionate about materials, constantly using a variety of different mediums to create interesting and exciting outcomes that may not always be completely controlled. She spent her time in University experimenting and exploring various media and during this time became incredibly involved with the materials she uses today such as, varnish, wood dyes, gloss and matt paints, acrylic paints, glues, charcoal and pastels. A keen environmentalist, she is often seen rummaging amongst the old used paint tin collection at the local charity shop or refuse site, recycling and reusing peoples unwanted paints and varnishes where possible. In 2015 Alison travelled to Iceland and experienced colours and landscapes that were as breathtaking as those of her homeland and was inspired to create a whole new collection of paintings based on these experiences. This beautiful collection can be viewed on her website.
In early 2016 Alison was also inspired to paint using a completely new palette of colours on returning to Wales from the Caribbean where she visited beaches and coastline that was completely different to the rugged shores of the West Wales coastline. The vivid blues of the sea and virtually white sands lent itself to an interesting complementary collection to her earlier Icelandic studies.
To follow Alison's latest exhibitions and newest work, please follow her social media pages as well as her website.